Fortnite introduces "Party Worlds" as designated social spaces

Fortnite introduces

This story about games-as-a-hangout, boiled down, in 1:11 minutes.

What's the fuss?

The biggest game in the world is about to get even more social by providing players with certain spaces just to hang out and meet new friends. Although the concept isn't entirely new, having them in Fortnite may transform the "game" into an "experience".

The situation

Fortnite, originally being a simple battle royale game, has evolved into its own platform for gamers to compete, party, or even build.

Fortnite has delved into creating a new social experience for players with their new Party Worlds mode.

  • This mode is meant to be a social destination for players, much like your traditional hangout spot in real life.
  • According to the developer, this will be the ultimate virtual way to meet up with friends and make new ones, with an emphasis on self-expression.

Boiling it down

Digital social experiences such as this aren't entirely new. 

The company behind Fortnite, Epic Gamesis one of the few companies striving to get the Metaverse going.

  • The Metaverse has many definitions, but the most common one is the congruency of different digital domains into one seamless experience.
  • With Fortnite's multiple vastly different experiences in an all-in-one package, they are definitely on their way.

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