Pop star Ariana Grande held a concert in a video game

Pop star Ariana Grande held a concert in a video game

This story about connecting games and pop music, boiled down, in 1:37 minutes.

What's the fuss?

One of the biggest pop stars in the world held a non-live concert in one of the most popular video games. Not the first digital concert, but it sure shows where music entertainment could possibly be headed.

The situation

Fortnite, originally being a simple battle royale game, has evolved into its own entertainment platform

Imagine sliding down a rainbow-colored waterslide, bouncing around a psychedelic forest of pink paintbrushes, and shooting down a giant lightning demon in a one-engine airplane - all while listening to one of the most prominent pop stars of our generation. 

Boiling it down

Especially in a COVID environment where in-person concerts aren't entirely possible, having a concert in a video game is arguably a fantastic alternative. 

Fortnite's The Rift Tour allowed for more interactivity by fans, having learned a few lessons since Travis Scott's virtual concert which was generally more passive. 

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