The new Battlefield has dropped more than 75% of PC players

The new Battlefield has dropped more than 75% of PC players

This story about losing players, boiled down, in 2:06 minutes.

What's the fuss?

Released less than 2 weeks ago, a multi-million dollar game has lost a majority of its player base on PC. This descent has been frighteningly fast.

The situation

The latest entry in the massive first-person-shooter game Battlefield has sold strongly after its recent release, despite being panned by critics and players alike.

It appears the efforts of these unruly gamers are working, since the game's concurrent player base has dropped 76% on the PC gaming storefront Steam since its recent release.

Boiling it down

The freefall of declining players is natural in a game's lifecycle as it gets older, but not this fast.

Not all hope is lost for Battlefield 2042.

  • One of the game's modes, Battlefield Portal, has been a highlight for players as it provides creative players the tools to create their own game modes to play and share.
  • User-generated content, coupled with post-release patches, may yet revive the game to a state players will be happy with.

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