Battlefield 2042's early access period hasn't been stellar

Battlefield 2042's early access period hasn't been stellar

This story about fixing after the fact, boiled down, in 1:55 minutes.

What's the fuss?

A sequel to a long-established warfare video game franchise is taking heat for numerous technical issues and missing features. With one week left until its official release, it's unlikely they'll have the time to appease fans by then.

The situation

The next entry in the Battlefield video game franchise, Battlefield 2042, is all about futuristic warfare on a massive 128-player scale. 

  • The game entered into an open beta test last month where players could try out the Conquest game mode for free.
  • Gamers experienced an exorbitant amount of bugs and glitches during play, but remained hopeful that they would be resolved upon the game's official release.

Now a week before official release, fans who purchased either the "Gold" or "Ultimate" editions of the game have the chance to play the game early.

  • Although many of the issues from the open beta test were ironed out, players are still experiencing numerous errors and bugs - including one that prevents them from accessing the game in the first place.
  • In addition, many players have expressed outrage about missing and removed features from past Battlefield games such as a basic scoreboard.

Boiling it down

These issues are giving longtime Battlefield players PTSD. 

Given that video games are now all connected to the Internet, video game publishers use this as an excuse to fix the game post-release instead of before the game releases like it should.

  • Publishers very rarely want to delay a game for technical reasons, since that leads to missed revenue each day the game isn't available.
  • Even if developers disagree with the aforementioned approach, publishers will usually exert their undue power to release the game pre-maturely.

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