Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom comes to Minecraft

Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom comes to Minecraft

This story about interactive experiences, boiled down, in 1:47 minutes.

What's the fuss?

The mythical Magic Kingdom from Walt Disney World can now be visited without needing to queue up for any lines. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it might be our future.

The situation

You're probably tired of hearing about Minecraft - after all, it's one of the few games that everyone knows about

  • If you've been living under a rock for the past 15 years, Minecraft is famous for its survival mode where players must fend for themselves by building shelter, mining resources, and defeating monsters in a blocky world.
  • Minecraft may be even more famous for its creative mode, where talented artists have unlimited blocks (i.e. the game's version of resources such as stone, wood, etc.) to bring their imagination to life.

Minecraft has seen its fair share of impressive creations, but its latest one brings Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom to life - in block form.

  • Just in time for Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary, Disney themselves (with the help of a talented developer) authentically recreated the entire park for players to visit.
  • Gamers can do almost anything they could if they visited the park in person, including meeting-and-greeting famous characters, go on rides, and enjoy the nightly fireworks.

Boiling it down

You can't conceptualize gaming within a vacuum.

  • Gaming not only encompasses "getting the highest score" or "reaching an objective", but also can include more passive and interactive experiences.
  • From virtual concerts to digital art exhibits to interactive museums, gaming has truly transformed into an all-encompassing interactive entertainment vehicle that is accessible to the masses.

This move by Disney is fantastic advertising, especially as the pandemic continues to take its toll.

  • Although Walt Disney World's theme parks are currently open, providing "virtual access" for people who cannot attend in person will make them want to go even more after undergoing their own digital experience of the park.
  • With Minecraft being the host of many other virtual worlds such as from Harry Potter and Pok√©mon, no wonder the game is referred to as the precursor of the metaverse.

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