NBA 2K23 is giving Michael Jordan the cover for the fourth time

NBA 2K23 is giving Michael Jordan the cover for the fourth time

This story about returning legends, boiled down, in 1:11 minutes.

What's the fuss?

The greatest basketball player of all time is poetically gracing the cover of the ultimate basketball video game.

The situation

The NBA 2K series has been the #1 basketball video game on the market, allowing gamers to digitally control various NBA teams to victory or even create their own aspiring pro player.

NBA legend Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls will be the cover star of this year's upcoming iteration: NBA 2K23.

  • The six-time champion was chosen for his jersey number 23 matching the year, as well as his spirit matching this game's theme: "Answer the Call".
  • NBA 2K23 will also mark the return of the iconic "Jordan Challenges" from NBA 2K11, where players are tasked with recreating moments from Michael's career.

Boiling it down

Although it may seem trivial, cover stars are very important to the 2K franchise.

  • Cover stars, having ranged from Shaquille O'Neal to LeBron James, gives each yearly entry somewhat of a differentiating identity.
  • This only goes so far however, as many still complain that each yearly entry only includes minute improvements over the previous year.

2K23 may be looking towards 2K11 as inspiration.

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