The Quarry and High On Life were Google Stadia exclusives

The Quarry and High On Life were Google Stadia exclusives

This story about standing out, boiled down, in 1:36 minutes.

What's the fuss?

One brand new game and one upcomer were originally intended to be exclusive releases for Google's game streaming service, which didn't go so well.

The situation

When Google Stadia released in 2019, it formally entered as a competitor into the gaming space - specifically within cloud gaming.

Due to these failures, Stadia was forced to scale back their plans on developing their own games and to forgo acquiring exclusive games from third-party developers.

  • One of these games was the recently released The Quarry, a narrative, decision-making game that puts the players in the shoes of teenagers who must survive a horrific night at a rural quarry.
  • The other game is the upcoming High On Life, a comedic first person shooter from the creator of the acclaimed show Rick and Morty.

Boiling it down

With an increasing number of gaming platforms on the market, having platform-exclusive games is a key marketing tactic to attract and retain consumers.

The parties behind The Quarry and High on Life may have dodged a bullet here.

  • If both of these games remained under the Google Stadia umbrella they either would not see many players, be subject to poor performance, or be mismanaged by Google itself.

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