Devs rally to save stranded Google Stadia players

Devs rally to save stranded Google Stadia players

This story about a rescue mission, boiled down, in 1:33 minutes.

What's the fuss?

Google's video game platform is shutting down almost without notice. Some big game publishers are working to help its players to move on to greener pastures.

The situation

After only a bit more than 3 years, Google will shut down their "Netflix for gamers".

  • Google Stadia promised users a seamless experience, only requiring the Chrome web browser to play the latest games via the Internet.
  • Google vastly overestimated the demand for their service, which will ultimately lead to the platform's demise in January 2023.

Stadia gamers are expectedly upset by the news, fearing that their game catalogue will disappear as well.

Boiling it down

Google Stadia seemed doomed from the start.

  • The pricing model forced consumers to not only pay for a subscription service but for individual games as well, which wasn't competitive with other gaming subscription services.
  • Coupled with poor technical performance, many gamers were never willing to give the platform a chance.

The shutdown really highlights the importance of cross-progression and cross-saves, which is gradually becoming a staple with multiplatform games. 

  • With gamers pouring in hundreds of hours into their Stadia games, having their progression easily transferred to the same game on another platform is a necessity.

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