FIFA gamer exposes the insane costs of building the ultimate team

FIFA gamer exposes the insane costs of building the ultimate team

This story about the greediness behind the FIFA games, boiled down, in 1:49 minutes.

What's the fuss?

Twitch streamer ScudzTV tweeted the steps required for FIFA gamers to build the soccer/football team of their dreams, which would require thousands of hours in play time or thousands of dollars invested.

The situation

The FIFA games have always been lambasted for their heavy promotion of microtransactions where the player needs to put up additional funds outside of the game's retail price to gain certain advantages. Such payments are extremely prevalent in FIFA's multiplayer mode where gamers must build a strong team of footballers to beat other players online. 

As you can imagine, the better footballers one can get are more expensive, thus the gamers who are willing to pay more have a distinct advantage. EA, the developers of the franchise, claim that all gamers can get the team of dreams without spending additional money. This is true in a sense, but dedicated gamer ScudzTV demonstrated that either 22,000 hours of gameplay or $111,000 in real money would be required to get a top notch team on the pitch.

Boiling it down

These practices, especially from EA, has caused uproar from many parental and government groups since these tactics are predatory in nature and have often been compared to gambling for children.

The latest uproar of this kind has been what is known as EAGate, which saw EA staff allegedly sell better footballers to FIFA gamers for thousands of dollars. Although EA has since incited an investigation, it goes to show how unfair these games truly are, as some gamers are willing to pay additional thousands for advantages over others.

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