After record numbers, Halo's future in esports looks bright

After record numbers, Halo's future in esports looks bright

This story about revivals, boiled down, in 2:28 minutes.

What's the fuss?

Upon the conclusion of the first major Halo tournament in years, the competitive franchise looks to be back in fighting form - but perhaps it's too soon to call.

The situation

Halo is one of the rare gaming franchises that is a household name, not only for spawning one of the best protagonists of all time, but for its competitive scene.

With the recent release of the latest game in the franchise, Halo Infinite, professional Halo has made a triumphant return.

Boiling it down

Record-breaking viewership for HCS could be derived from a few factors.

  • Hosting an official esports tournament weeks after a game's release carries a lot of momentum, since interest in the game is always highest upon release.
  • Approximately 230 teams competed in the open-bracket tournament, meaning it was more likely that fans had their favourite team in competition vs. a closed-bracket tournament.

Esports organizations are always on the lookout for the next big IP, and Halo might be it...

  • ...but even though professional Halo certainly returned in a big way, it's important to be optimistically cautious.
  • Aspiring esports-centric games can start out with a bang, but can also end up fizzling out over time.

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