Dr. Disrespect's game studio is officially Midnight Society

Dr. Disrespect's game studio is officially Midnight Society

This story about just doing it yourself, boiled down, in 1:42 minutes.

What's the fuss?

One of the biggest video game streamers in the world has announced his very own video game development studio. With his experience, it could change everything.

The situation

Guy "Dr. Disrespect" Beahm has a very diverse skillset when it comes to video games.

It seems that Doc's game designing days aren't over yet with the announcement of his new video game studio, Midnight Society.

  • Alongside Beahm, the studio is co-founded by Call of Duty and Halo veteran developers, and is currently hiring for a variety of roles.
  • Although in the start up phase, the studio will have the unique value proposition of embracing a "Day Zero Community" - flipping the script on traditional video game development.

Boiling it down

The grand majority of video games are built in a vacuum, only being created and tested by internal teams before being released to the public as a finished product.

  • Apart from previews such as beta tests, the public can really only hope the game is good upon release - something that unfortunately has not been the case lately.
  • Midnight Society will uniquely get the public involved with development as soon as possible, supposedly allowing for a more refined end product.

There's no doubt that the studio's first game will do its best to appeal to streamers and their audiences alike to maximize its popularity...

  • ... but with Dr. Disrespect banned on the world's most popular streaming platform for reasons unknown, the question remains whether Twitch will allow its streamers to participate with Midnight Society at all.
  • Knowing The Doc, he's probably already figured out a way to not need Twitch in the first place.

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