Halo Infinite reveals new details for Season 2

Halo Infinite reveals new details for Season 2

This story about trying again, boiled down, in 1:17 minutes.

What's the fuss?

The latest iteration of a world-famous sci-fi shooter game is getting a major update next month, and now we've finally gotten a little taste of what to expect.

The situation

The latest Halo game, Halo Infinite, has already been out for 5 months with its first season of content.

With its second season update of content just around the corner, the game's developers are promising improvements and direct changes based on player feedback.

Boiling it down

A majority of Halo Infinite's player base have moved on to different pastures, mainly because the game has released very little new content since its release.

The whole point of a live service game, which Halo Infinite is, is that the developers will steadily release new content to keep players engaged.

  • By doing so, players are less likely to divert to other games and are more willing to spend money via in-game microtransactions over the long term.
  • The content that will come with this next season of Halo Infinite might be the game's last hope to retain players, or else they may lose them for good.

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