Reddit's r/Place helped break Twitch viewership records

Reddit's r/Place helped break Twitch viewership records

This story about collaboration, boiled down, in 1:22 minutes.

What's the fuss?

A communal art piece has taken the streaming world by storm, temporarily transforming the loyal audiences of large streamers into digital artists.

The situation

Reddit, the website where anyone can start a forum and community, began a collaborative art project called Place on this year's April Fools Day.

  • Originally from 2017, Place is a social experiment in which Reddit users could change a single pixel of an online canvas every 5 minutes - potentially even overriding others' pixels.
  • Place lasted for 4 days this year and was largely filled with references to pop culture, Internet memes, and national pride.

Place took over Twitch this year, with the biggest streamers both providing commentary on the canvas' updates as well as wielding their large audiences virtually as paintbrushes.

Boiling it down

Twitch, commonly known for live video game streams, is becoming less and less synonymous with gaming.

  • Twitch's top viewed category, "Just Chatting", has streamers literally just engaging with their audiences and is entirely non-gaming related.
  • Other Twitch categories includes Cooking, Music, and Game Development with more non-gaming related ones likely on the way.

Popular online streamers are celebrities in their own right, often being more recognizable to younger audiences than movie stars.

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