The Xbox Mini Fridge can't escape the scalpers either

The Xbox Mini Fridge can't escape the scalpers either

This story about embracing viral memes, boiled down, in 1:16 minutes.

What's the fuss?

Xbox's new mini fridge may seem like a successful "meme marketing" bet, but it has certainly gotten some fans upset as scalpers beat them to the punch.

The situation

Upon the release of the new generation of Xbox last year, fans were quick to compare the shape of the newest Xbox to a fridge

For us regular folk, Xbox created similarly-shaped mini fridges equipped with LED lights and space for 12 cans. 

Boiling it down

Embracing internet culture, even if it pokes fun at your own expense, seems to do wonders when it comes to selling

This event also may have proven that the current scalping problem, exacerbated due to COVID, has gone beyond tech. 

  • It seems that anything released by a gaming company, even chairs, is not immune to scalpers.

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