TV-style ads will invade video games

TV-style ads will invade video games

This story about putting TV-like ads in games, boiled down, in 1:17 minutes.

What's the fuss?

A platform will bring video advertisements into video games, having already signed deals with high profile studios. Gamers may not take to this lightly.

The situation

Traditional advertisements first made their way into video games in the early 1980s, corresponding with the boom of game consoles and slot machines. 

A new advertising platform will accelerate this further by allowing companies to include TV-like video ads in their PC and console games. 

Boiling it down

On surface level, people dislike advertisements, and thus many developers have been hesitant to implement in-game advertising. 

Nonetheless, gamers are less understanding when publishers are too gung-ho with this monetization strategy. 

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