It's unfair to call today's State of Play underwhelming

It's unfair to call today's State of Play underwhelming

This story about giving smaller games the limelight, boiled down, in 1:20 minutes.

What's the fuss?

Many gamers were left disappointed after today's PlayStation showcase showing off some new games. Although little was shown of anticipated AAA titles, it shows the investment PlayStation has made into smaller titles.

The situation

A few months ago, PlayStation knocked it out of the park with their first games showcase in over a year

As such, players had similarly high expectations when it came to PlayStation's latest reveal, but many were left disappointed

Boiling it down

PlayStation sort of asked for this, since they didn't take the time to temper expectations on what gamers should have expected.

  • Because of this, many popular gaming outlets that fueled fan hype were incredibly incorrect in their predictions.
  • With game development in its nature being rather slow, it would be outrageous to believe new game updates would be available in only a few short months.

On the bright side, this show solidified PlayStation's commitment to indie-like titles.

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