Xbox Game Pass gets sweeter with day one Rainbow 6 release

Xbox Game Pass gets sweeter with day one Rainbow 6 release

This story about a lack of confidence, boiled down, in 1:49 minutes.

What's the fuss?

Xbox's game streaming service managed to snag a big upcoming game made from a third-party studio. Such a rare catch may signify a lack of confidence from the latter.

The situation

Xbox Game Pass is undoubtedly the market leader when it comes to game streaming services.

  • Akin to a service like Netflix, game streaming services allow gamers to play modern games through the Internet rather than needing to buy the game itself or owning gaming hardware.
  • For a very reasonable monthly price, Xbox Game Pass subscribers have access to a library of over 300 games both from first party and third party studios.

The next game in the first person shooter franchise Rainbow 6 will be available for free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers when it releases on Jan. 20th - a welcome surprise.

Boiling it down

It's not every day that AAA games created outside of Xbox's own game studios get put on the subscription service on their first day of release.

The thing is, the Rainbow 6 franchise certainly has that clout being internationally well known - so why does it need Game Pass?

  • One of the possible answers is the Ubisoft doesn't have confidence that the game will sell well normally.
  • Previous shooter games Ubisoft have released sold poorly, and coupled with little fanfare for this latest outing the developer is likely hedging their bets. 

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