DICE is 100% committed to Battlefield 2042

DICE is 100% committed to Battlefield 2042

This story about going down with the ship, boiled down, in 1:14 minutes.

What's the fuss?

A developer of a largely abandoned game is sticking to their guns, even when their partner seem to be moving on.

The situation

If you ask any gamer about Battlefield 2042, they'd liken it to a sinking ship with little hope of recovery.

A recent interview with game's developer, DICE, has shed light on how the creators have felt about this disappointing launch.

  • Rebecka Coutaz, head of DICE, commented how hard it was on the team to disappoint the franchise's long-time fans.
  • She insisted all of the team's time and focus is dedicated to making Battlefield 2042 better - putting the studio's other projects on the backburner.

Boiling it down

We're getting mixed messages here.

Despite who's telling the truth or not, the fact is that it's not impossible to turn things around - but it's definitely an uphill battle to earn back the trust of your fans.

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