New easter egg found in the Witcher 3 after 7 years

New easter egg found in the Witcher 3 after 7 years

This story about unearthing secrets, boiled down, in 1:19 minutes.

What's the fuss?

A player has found a long-lost secret within a 7 year-old game, which may not be the last. Such attention to detail is truly remarkable.

The situation

Before The Witcher became a hit Netflix show, it was a video game based on a hit fantasy series of novels written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.

7 years after its release, a dedicated Witcher fan has found one of the last secrets within the game.

Boiling it down

These secrets known as "Easter Eggs" are placed in games for its players to find, usually without the assistance of the game itself.

Easter Eggs can be so well hidden that they take years to find.

  • These goodies really goes to show the attention to detail that game developers put in their work, with the added benefit of allowing these games to stay relevant after so many years.

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