The Internet’s new video game crush is a very tall, probably vampiric lady

The Internet’s new video game crush is a very tall, probably vampiric lady

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What’s being boiled down today?

Resident Evil: Village, the upcoming entry in the horror video game franchise Resident Evil, is supposed to be the scariest game in the series. However, the Internet seems to be having other feelings, specifically towards one of the antagonists, other than fright.

A scary castle that you might actually not want to leave

What's the fuss?

The Internet has become smitten with a “mother” in the upcoming Resident Evil: Village — a 9 foot 6 tall vampire lady with a penchant for hunting you down in her massive castle.

The situation

Capcom, the developer of Resident Evil: Village, provided a teaser for the game on January 14th which provided a brief look at the new game. In this iteration, the star of the show wasn’t a parasitic nobleman nor a hulking mutant with a sleek trench coat. Instead, it was a nine foot tall mutant/human countess — and the Internet fell in love. That love became increasingly viral after Capcom hosted their own showcase on the game and released a playable demo which allowed players to get up and personal with the vampiric woman.

All this chatter about the Tall Lady from Resident Evil 8 and nobody’s asking the important questions. Namely, can she dunk?

That “tall vampire lady” is Lady Dimitrescu, the assumed matriarch and countess of a castle in Eastern Europe that seems to be inhabited by many terrifying creatures, including her vampiric “daughters”. To put her size in perspective, she’s towers over the tallest man ever (8 foot 11) and can even peer over some elephants. Her reveal has led to a true embrace by the Internet, resulting in a flurry of memes (a humorous image, text, art, etc. that is copied and spread), fan art, and tweets by people expressing their deep devotion. Instead of retreating from this unexpected attention, Capcom seems to be fulling embracing it with this public announcement.

Boiling it down

It’s clear that Capcom didn’t intend their game to get this amount of attention based on lust, rather than fright. However, Capcom’s decision to support and join in on the Internet’s viral fun truly shows their open-mindedness, resulting in their favorable perception in the eyes of fans. This move will likely translate into more fans, and thus more sales, as they essentially are getting free marketing.

Such virality is too big to ignore, having gotten the attention of other big players in the likes of Xbox and Destiny 2, who are piggybacking off of this newfound attention. Nonetheless, Capcom is in the midst of a “meme marketing” frenzy and they are certainly capitalizing on it.

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