Sony reportedly will close down marketplaces for legacy games

Sony reportedly will close down marketplaces for legacy games

This story about preserving old titles, boiled down, in 1:08 minutes.

What's the fuss?

The PlayStation Store, the official marketplace for purchasing PlayStation games, will reportedly stop selling titles for Sony's older consoles. If the reports become true, the storied history of PlayStation video games is at stake.

The situation

PlayStation is a household name for a reason. Since 1994, PlayStation has delivered hit after hit with landmark series such as Metal Gear SolidUncharted, and God of War. Many of these fan favorites exist on older PlayStation consoles.

According to a familial source, later this year Sony will close their storefronts for some of their old consoles: the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Portable, and the PlayStation Vita. When that happens, gamers will no longer be able to legally purchase digital copies of games that are native to these older consoles. 

Boiling it down

Although video games fading away with time may seem normal, games are a form of art at the end of the day. Having them virtually stripped away from being experienced is like preventing artists from visiting an art museum. Luckily, some of the games that are to be lost have been ported over to the newer PlayStation 4. However there are many more that never made the transition.

Sony hasn't officially announced whether or not gamers would be able to still access these older games via some other alternative. Worse comes to worst, emulation is still an option, but hopefully it won't be the only option.

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