Esports producer ESL Gaming creates a "sonic identity"

Esports producer ESL Gaming creates a

This story about music in esports, boiled down, in 1:18 minutes.

What's the fuss?

The biggest esports company in the world is working hard to develop music to support their brand. Esports' relationship with music is just getting started.

The situation

The Electronic Sports League, also known as ESL Gaming, is the largest esports company in the world despite not owning any teams.

ESL unexpectedly announced that they partnered with a music agency to create a "sonic identity" in order better differentiate their brand.

  • The partnership has resulted in a 2-minute anthem, a short form 3-second sound logo, and a 1-second sound stamp which can be adapted to suit different scenarios.
  • ESL's "sonic brand" will sit between electronic and orchestral - sitting differently than the rock or EDM that esports is generally accustomed with.

Boiling it down

Despite the relationship between music and esports being in its infancy, it's a no-brainer.

  • To put it in context, traditional sport has distinct music and sounds that evoke certain feelings and familiarity within fans.
  • Esports and ESL wants to do the same by tailoring sound as a tool to convey distinction.

Esports as an industry has embraced music more than ever before.

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