The next Overwatch League season will be played on Overwatch 2

The next Overwatch League season will be played on Overwatch 2

This story about changes in esports, boiled down, in 1:30 minutes.

What's the fuss?

The next season of the internationally acclaimed Overwatch League will feature the next game in the series Overwatch 2, presumably before it's released to the public.

The situation

The Overwatch League, the esports league for the 2016 competitive shooter game Overwatch, has been a staple in the pro gaming scene. 

Overwatch League's 5th season, slated to premiere next April, will take the league in an exciting new direction as it will use the unreleased sequel Overwatch 2 for its matches. 

  • The league will feature an "early build" of the game, perhaps signifying that the sequel (which currently has no release date) will still be unreleased to be public by the time the new season commences.
  • Overwatch 2 brings drastic changes to the competitive scene with it, meaning pro players will need to adjust their tactics come next April.

    Boiling it down

    One of the main differentiators between traditional sports and esports is that the latter has the ability to change. 

    Although The Overwatch League has hit viewership levels comparable to the Super Bowl, it experienced a sharp decline since 2020. 

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