Video game market may see decline in 2022

Video game market may see decline in 2022

This story about returning legends, boiled down, in 1:02 minutes.

What's the fuss?

A report is suggesting that the games market may see a slight decline in 2022, indicating that gaming may not be recession-proof.

The situation

The art of video gaming has always been popular, but the pandemic skyrocketed the entire industry to the next level.

A report from Ampere Analytics has suggested that the gaming market may see a decline this year.

  • Sales of games, consoles, and subscription services will dip from 2021's combined global total of $191 billion to $188 billion.
  • Factors attributed to this slight decline are supply chain issues as well as the retraction of the Russian market, which could improve in 2023.

Boiling it down

It might be a misconception that gaming is "recession-proof", similar to other forms of entertainment such as movies.

With society gradually returning to normal, such growth couldn't last forever as alternate forms of entertainment start opening up again.

  • However, with gaming having its hooks in more people due to the pandemic, we won't see it dying out anytime.

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