The Matrix Awakens tech demo shows us what's possible

The Matrix Awakens tech demo shows us what's possible

This story about what's possible, boiled down, in 1:34 minutes.

What's the fuss?

A new tech demo related to the new Matrix film is blowing us away for how realistic is looks. It may be a glimpse into how our gaming future will look eventually.

The situation

Unreal Engine is an extremely powerful software tool that graphic artists can harness to bring 3D worlds to life for almost any medium.

At this year's Game Awards, among the numerous announcements included the release of an Unreal Engine tech demo based on The Matrix films called The Matrix Awakens.

    Boiling it down

    The incredibly impressive visual fidelity of the tech demo may be the next step of what video game graphics can be.

    In the demo, Keanu Reeves presents us with an interesting thought as he magically transforms into his younger self: how digital faces can allow actors to virtually become "immortal".

    • Given we have seen de-aging done beautifully in past films such as The Irishman, perhaps the practice will allow aging actors to remain relevant longer.

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