Call of Duty developers form first-ever major gaming union

Call of Duty developers form first-ever major gaming union

This story about unionization on a big level, boiled down, in 1:39 minutes.

What's the fuss?

A group of game testers from a multimillion-dollar game developer have tentatively formed the first video game union at a blockbuster video game company - a sign of the times.

The situation

The billion-dollar first person shooter franchise Call of Duty has a lot of people working on it in various capacities in order to get it ready for release every year.

Quality assurance testers at Raven Software have announced they've formed a union.

Boiling it down

These actions follow a tumultuous year for employees at both Activision Blizzard and Raven Software.

Many video game developers have graced headlines over the past couple of years due to pervasive "crunch culture" - where employees are forced to work intense hours to get projects out the door on time.

  • In response, cries to unionize started to become louder, although unionization remains to become commonplace within the gaming space.
  • The only formally recognized video game union in North America exists at an independent studio, but perhaps the Game Workers Alliance will join them later this year.

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