Ubisoft+ joining PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass

Ubisoft+ joining PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass

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What's the fuss?

A new gaming subscription service from a storied French gaming publisher will be teaming up with eternal competitors PlayStation and Xbox.

The situation

Ubisoft, the famous developer and publisher known for its hits such as Assassin's CreedFar Cry, and the Tom Clancy line of games released its own subscription service back in 2019.

Ubisoft announced that a form of Ubisoft+ will be packaged with PlayStation's own subscription service, PlayStation Plus.

  • The service will only be available for the higher level tiers of PlayStation Plus and will feature a "curated selection" of 27 popular Ubisoft games.
  • Earlier this year, Ubisoft announced that Ubisoft+ will also be released on Xbox's subscription service in the future as well.

Boiling it down

It makes complete sense that Ubisoft offers Ubisoft+ on both competing platforms.

  • Ubisoft games are largely multiplatform already, so excluding PlayStation or Xbox would cut them off from a substantial amount of players.
  • PlayStation and Xbox are gaming's best known rivals, so its fortunate that Ubisoft wasn't hit with any non-compete contract terms.

The catalogue available on PlayStation and Xbox is not as wide as on PC (100+ games), so Ubisoft's end game might be to migrate these console players to PC eventually.

  • Nonetheless, the accessibility of games that come with the service will allow gamers to play the classics as well as try out new ones.

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