Fortnite players raised $144 million for Ukraine in 2 weeks

Fortnite players raised $144 million for Ukraine in 2 weeks

This story about coming together, boiled down, in 1:43 minutes.

What's the fuss?

In a short period of time, the biggest video game in the world raised a significant amount of money for a good cause - all thanks to its player base.

The situation

Fortnite, the game that needs no introduction, made headlines recently when it announced that 100% of proceeds earned would be donated to charities supporting the Ukraine crisis.

  • Beginning in March, the campaign lasted for 2 weeks with proceeds generated by in-game microtransactions bought from players.
  • Microsoft joined in as well, pledging their % of proceeds they receive from Fortnite microtransactions made on Xbox to similar causes.

After 2 weeks, Fortnite and Xbox announced that their communities raised $144 million USD for humanitarian relief for people affected by the war in Ukraine.

Boiling it down

The people behind Fortnite are helping Ukraine in a very big way, but that's not to say other gaming organizations aren't helping out.

Given the company behind Fortnite has yet to turn a profit, missing out on 2 weeks of sales is a big deal.

  • The game makes close to $5,000 per minute on average, translating to $100 million every 2 weeks on a normal basis.
  • Given that consumer spending was accelerated during this campaign, Fortnite may be banking on this higher level of spending moving forward.

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