Cruel practices lost an Overwatch hero his name

Cruel practices lost an Overwatch hero his name

This story about trying to turn a new leaf, boiled down, in 1:42 minutes.

What's the fuss?

Due to an ongoing discrimination lawsuit, a game is changing the name of one of its most beloved characters. This gesture of goodwill may not be enough.

The situation

Overwatch, the 2016 first person shooter from Activision Blizzard, is beloved for its diverse roster of heroes. 

One of these iconic characters, the cowboy Jesse McCree, is getting his name changed due to him sharing a name with a now disgraced ex-employee of Blizzard. 

Boiling it down

The name change was derivative of the ongoing discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuit against Activision Blizzard by the state of California as well as others

  • The company is alleged to have fostered a "frat boy culture" that has historically silenced marginalized employees.
  • McCree was said to be involved with the infamous "Cosby Suite" incident, a hotel room nicknamed after Bill Cosby where "informal networking" would occur at the developer's yearly conference.

Having said that, it's probably not the best idea to name fictional characters off of real life people to avoid confusing your audience when an event like this occurs.

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