Call of Duty employees officially unionize

Call of Duty employees officially unionize

This story about empowerment, boiled down, in 1:09 minutes.

What's the fuss?

Quality assurance employees that work for one of the biggest gaming franchises have formed a legally recognized union. The fight's not over.

The situation

Back in January, 34 quality assurance testers working for Call of Duty developer Raven Software formed an union titled The Game Workers Alliance.

With the final vote count of 19 "for" and 3 "against", The Game Workers Alliance is now a legally recognized union.

  • Activision Blizzard now has no choice but to legally consider the demands of this union, despite their disposition towards its formation.

Boiling it down

This is a big deal for the industry, especially in its current state.

  • Although not the first video game union, this is the first US-based video game union at a major AAA gaming company.
  • This precedent could result in official unions forming at other large-scale gaming corporations, such as Ubisoft, very soon.

Activision Blizzard will likely be difficult to negotiate with for this fledgling union.

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