UK-based startup developing a game to identify and monitor depression

UK-based startup developing a game to identify and monitor depression

This story about addressing mental health through games, boiled down, in 1:17 minutes.

What's the fuss?

A UK-based tech startup aims to develop a smartphone game that will identify and monitor symptoms of depression in players. This may be one of the most important mobile games ever made.

The situation

A failed suicide attempt from a close friend inspired neuroscientist Dr. Emilia Molimpakis and theoretical physicist Dr. Stefano Goria to start Thymia, with the mission to better address mental health conditions than clinic questionnaires. 

  • Dr. Molimpakis's previous experience included assisting a gaming company make subsequent levels in their game harder through her specialization in neuroscience. 
  • Soon after, she came to the realization that these video games can be tweaked to help target depression.

With the aid of $1.1m in seed funding, Thymia is currently developing mobile games to do just that. 

Boiling it down

Despite how fortuitous someone may seem, absolutely no one is immune to depression. 

Modern games have greatly matured, delving into hard topics such as dealing with loss and emulating disorders

  • Although not scientifically optimized, these games have a worthwhile message to share for people willing to listen.

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