The "worst video game ever" raised $1 million for charity


This story about driving desert buses, boiled down, in 1:15 minutes.

What's the fuss?

Over $1 million was raised for children's charity thanks to a dedicated group of people willing to torture themselves by playing the most mundane video game ever made.

The situation

Penn and Teller, most famous for being incredible magicians, are less famous for creating the video game Desert Bus for the little-known 1992 console Sega CD.

Since 2007, charitable organization Desert Bus For Hope has used the worst game ever made as a way to fundraise for children's charity

Boiling it down

The advent of live streaming made a lot of gamers very wealthy, but also provided gamers an opportunity to do real good in the world.

  • Many individual video game streamers often host charity streams where money earned during the streams (i.e. donations) is donated to not-for-profit organizations.
  • Dedicated organizations, such as Games Done Quick, have raised tens of millions for charities around the world.

Obviously charity is awesome, but let's not forget the comeback of retro gaming.

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